Sage and sea salt

Sage & Sea Salt


Takes you away to the refreshing sea side, breathing in the crisp air filled with sea salt and minerals, amplify the return to nature experience with the earthy scent of sage.

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220g | 30cl | Medium | Burn time: 45 hours


Natural and fresh

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Tasting notes

Ambrette flower seeds

Top Note: Ambrette seeds

Their textural quality wraps the fragrance with an aura of sophistication.

Sea salt

Heart Note: Sea salt

The crunchy nature of sea salt brings both texture and a sense of freshness.


Base Note: Sage

Woody with earthy, aromatic tones that bring a natural depth.

Soy and coconut wax

All our candles are made of  100% natural wax, a blend of soy wax and coconut wax, and it is one of the best vegetable candle wax blends we have ever tested for hot scent throw.


When you burn your candle for the first time, please let it burn long enough so that the top layer of the wax melts completely, all the way to the sides of the container, this should take at least 1.5 hrs, this will help your candle burn evenly without creating the ‘tunnel’ in the middle of your candle.

Trim the wick to 5mm before relighting the candle. This will help to extend the life of the candle and allow the flame to burn cleanly.


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